Welcome to Hillsborough


The Hillsborough Homeowner is transitioning to a new web-based software program.  This website will soon be discontinued and is no longer being updated.  Please go to:


You will find all things Hillsborough there! Thank you.

The Board of Directors of the Hillsborough Association would like to welcome you and are excited you have chosen Hillsborough as your new home!  Hopefully, the information on our website will be helpful to you and your family in learning about our neighborhood.

You will find a a copy of your respective Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions pertaining to your Lot.  The Board would like to emphasize the importance of these Covenants in order to maintain the appearance and property values of our neighborhood.  An owner desiring to erect any Improvement shall deliver a set of construction plans, landscaping plans and plot plans to the Board for approval.  Such plans shall include a description type, quality, color and use of materials proposed for the exterior of such Improvement.  Requests for approval can be submitted to the Board on-line at www.hillsboroughassociation.com under the “Contact” tab or by e-mailing the Board at board@hillsboroughassociation.com

Also found on the website are the Bylaws of the Hillsborough Homeowners Association.

Our Mission.  The Hillsborough Homeowner’s Association provides the residents of Hillsborough with a safe, fun and prosperous lifestyle by promoting and maintaining common areas, ensuring the adherence to the neighborhood covenants, coordinating efforts with the city and other agencies, emphasizing the need to keep a watch on our neighborhood for safety purposes and anything out of the ordinary, and providing fun events for the family.

Annual Events:

  • Easter Egg Hunt.
  • Park Cleanup – Do some Spring Cleaning and clean out the junk in and around the house to keep the neighborhood looking great. Dump your junk in the garbage trucks located at the tennis court parking area for your convenience.  (A designated Saturday usually in May will be announced yearly).
  • Annual Homeowners General Meeting – Join your neighbors and talk with the HALO board members to discuss various items regarding the neighborhood. This meeting will be held on the second Monday of May of each year.
  • Hillsborough Garage Sales – Hillsborough will post notice in the paper about the annual garage sale. The HALO will also provide signage throughout the neighborhood and a listing and map of the participants for distribution.
  • Independence Day Party – Join your neighbors and bring the kids for hot dogs, chips, watermelon, drinks and entertainment. Bicycle parade, fun in the park, etc.
  • Hills”BOO”rough Spooktacular – Hillsborough’s most popular event. Pumpkins, hayrack ride, games, popcorn and tons of FUN!  Join us for “boo-tiful” day for your kids to remember!
  • Movies In the Park – Catch an evening movie in the park with the neighborhood. (Designated dates will be announced).

Security:  The Omaha Police Department provides security for the Hillsborough neighborhood.  In the event of an emergency, please call 911.  For non-emergency concerns dial (402) 444-5600 for information.  If you are interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch or Citizen Patrol group, please contact the board at board@hillsboroughassociation.com.

Newsletters:  Newsletters will be e-mailed or mailed to each homeowner.  Please contact the Board with your e-mail address to receive newsletters electronically.  Newsletters are also posted under the “Newsletters” tab on the website.

HOA Dues:  Please go to the “HOA Dues” tab on the website for information with respect to payment of your annual HOA Dues either by mail or by PayPal.  Current dues are $75.00.  Our dues year is June 1 – May 31 of each year.

Minutes:  Annual Minutes are posted under the “Minutes” tab of the website.

Voting of Board of Director Election for Hillsborough Homeowners AssociationVoting for any vacancies on the Board of Directors will take place in May in conjunction with the annual meeting.

Additional information can also be found on the Facebook page Hillsborough Homeowners.  This page is a closed group which means only registered homeowners have access to this group and any information posted to this group.  Owners and family members will be verified by current homeowner records.  The goal for this page is to build an on-line community of homeowners and to provide current information and resources for all our neighbors in Hillsborough.

PLEASE NOTE that all official communication will be through our Hillsborough Website.  Always contact the Board directly if you have any questions or concerns.  We can be reached at board@hillsboroughassociation.com

Board Members:        Diane Briggs – President

Connie Bitzes – Vice President              Grace Peterson

Mary Finley – Secretary                          David Arkfeld

Mike Abdouch – Treasurer                    Nicole Wilson

Matt LaRoe                                                Sara Olsen