Fence Update 11/14/17

Hello!  Phase I & II of the fence are 99% complete!  Phase II just needs the finishing touches of scalloping the top.

Phase III & IV are in the process of being scheduled.  An update will be posted once that schedule is established.

As always, thank you for your patience as we move this project along.

Lynette Arrasmith, VP HALO


All ~ Your thoughts and concerns are noted and truly appreciated both positive and negative. On behalf of the board I want to acknowledge your frustration.  Those of us who do not live along the fence line do not feel the specific inconvenience of those who do.  Your continued frustration is understood.

There was some talk on social media regarding the project being paid in full.  Know this, the entire project was not paid for in advance.  The fence company has been INUNDATED with calls, emails, text messages and ultimatums from the Board.   Diane Briggs, President of our Board along with other Board members have spent endless hours trying to communicate with American Fence and get some answers.  They have physically met with American Fence, were given expectations and it is apparent this has made no difference.  We have been and continue to be in contact with our neighborhood legal counsel who has reviewed the contract and we agree, the entire situation is ridiculous.

Additionally, there has been talk about having Mike McKnight from Channel 6 do a story.  I personally don’t know what would be accomplished by a story other than bringing negative attention to Hillsborough due to a contract not being completed by a fencing company.  American Fence is the bad-guy here and we as residents of Hillsborough are the recipients.  We are only in control of what we can control and getting the fence company to make good on their commitment is not something any of us are in control of. The intentions of the board were solid and our vendor has failed to deliver.

As stated above, we are in contact with our legal counsel and looking at options; not only regarding American Fence but with other vendors to get the rest of the project completed as well.  Obviously, the entire neighborhood will not be done in short-order.  Once we receive the advice from our attorney and have a plan in place another update will be posted.  No news means…..we don’t have an answer and are still working on a solution.

Thank you for your continued patience as we work through the details. Please send an email to Board@Hillsboroughassociation.com with any further questions or concerns.

As a side note and more on a personal level ~ the continued back and forth bantering on social media is disheartening (FB and Next Door Neighbor).  I know that this entire fence situation has been frustrating and the hostility really started long before I chose to step up and be part of the Board.  Just know that we do focus on solutions and ways to make Hillsborough a great place to live.  Putting the fence aside, if you have questions, concerns, opinions on where and how we spend money on events and functions for the neighborhood, as an example, send us an email.  There are those that have posted comments yet we have never received a call or email from them.  We are not perfect and don’t necessarily have to do what we’ve always done just because we have.  I’d also like to suggest that we criticize in private and praise in public.   I’m hopeful that we can get to the point where we have healthy conversations for the good of the whole.


Lynette Arrasmith



An update from the meeting is under the Security tab.

Fence Update as of 8.3.17

Lord knows that this darn fence project has been a challenge.  Thank you, Diane Briggs, for your hours of checking and follow-up with not only the fence company but the actual workers who have been onsite.  Not to sound like a broken record; the delay has been much of the same:  lack of materials, lack of man power, etc.  We asked them to stop taking down fencing until we can see some progress with the installation of the new.  The good news is that we’ve seen some great progress this week with the installation of some posts.  We know that this has been more than inconvenient and frustrating for our homeowners who have had the disruption.  Know that we have been and will continue to stay on top of the fencing company through completion of the project.  At this time, we do not have a completion date but are hopeful that we will continue to see progress.  More to come as the information is available.

Thank you for your patience as we have worked through these unexpected circumstances.


The Hillsborough Board of Directors held their election of officers at the June meeting as was planned after the General Meeting in May.   As per the bylaws, there was a vote by the board members for each Officer position.  Congratulations to the new officers as listed here:  

President:  Diane Briggs

Vice President:  Lynette Arrasmith

Treasurer:  Mike Abdouch

Secretary:  Paula Kennedy

Additionally, Debbie Thieman was nominated and approved to replace Anna Schwab as the Events Coordinator as Anna resigned her position due to the sale of their home in Hillsborough.  All nine board openings are now filled and the Board welcomes the new members and officers and looks forward to new ideas and future improvements for the neighborhood.  

As a reminder, at the General Home Owners Meeting in May of 2016, approval was voted on for the 2017-2018 HOA dues to be $75 and a one-time special assessment fee of $140 to replace the aged border fence around Hillsborough.  All property owners will be responsible for paying the annual dues as well as the one-time assessment fee.  These fees are due to be paid by 6/30/2017.   If payment in full is not received by June 30th, a $50 late fee will be assessed to your account balance.


To make a payment, send a check made out to “HALO” for the amount owed to this address:

PO BOX 34613
Omaha, NE 68134-0613

Alternatively, if  you want to make a payment online, click the “Pay Now” button below to open up the PayPal link.  You can pay as a guest and use a credit card to pay the amount you owe.  Please enter your Hillsborough address so that your payment gets credited appropriately as well as your email address so that  you get a receipt of your payment.
PLEASE NOTE:  If you cannot simply click on the PAY NOW button with your browser, right-click it and select “Open In A New Window”.  This will allow you to get to the PayPal site.

Please send questions to treasurer@hillsboroughassociation.com.

The Hillsborough website is continuing to evolve and you will notice changes while we try to improve the site. If you have any suggestions for improvements, please don’t hesitate to email them to webmaster@hillsboroughassociation.com. I will take the most popular suggestions to the Hillsborough Board and implement them upon approval.

Thank you for visiting!