You can vote online this year!  Please use the PIN that was mailed to you with your 2021 HOA Dues Notice.  If you vote online, you do not need to return the paper ballot.

Connie Bitzes – I have lived in Hillsborough for 25 years and the original owner of my home. For the past 46 years, I
have worked in a large law firm which has given me invaluable experience in the various areas of law. I have also done
volunteer work for several organizations in Omaha, and not afraid to lend a helping hand when something needs to be
done or someone needs help. I am interested in serving on the HOA and doing my part to ensure that our neighborhood
is properly maintained to protect our property values. I would like the opportunity to work with our current members in
keeping the Hillsborough website current. I feel communication is a necessity within the HOA and members deserve it.

Greg Griffith - I have been blessed to be married to Laurie for 15 years and have two wonderful girls. We have lived
in Omaha since 2019 and absolutely love Hillsborough and the family friendly atmosphere it provides. You will catch us
usually walking the sidewalks almost daily sometimes twice a day as we are avid outdoors people. I’m very active on
Omaha Food Lovers on Facebook and love the food vibe of OMA. Lastly one of my hobbies is golfing and kayaking.
I am a pastor at a local church in Omaha and am honored to be considered as a potential board member and looking
forward to serving all our neighbors to the best of my abilities.

Matt LaRoe - My wife Kirstin and I have lived in Hillsborough for coming up on 4 years. We have four sons Evan, Kai,
Boston, and Charlie ages 13, 4, 2, and 8 months. I have worked in HR/Recruiting the last 10 years. Establishing
relationships is an integral part of my everyday life, and I look forward to working and creating the best opportunities for
our neighbors in Hillsborough. With having a young family, I look forward to serving on the Board and helping with
keeping this a very family friendly neighborhood and a great place to raise our children.

Pat Ragle – I have lived in Hillsborough for 18 years. I am retired from M.U.D. where I worked in the engineering
department. I am a retired pilot where I flew a hot air balloon for years. I have several other hobbies including riding
H.D. motorcycles. I think being on the board would be an interesting way to learn more about the neighborhood.