Neighborhood Safety

Aaron, Gurzick will present information on options for a neighborhood watch and the new signage at the entrances.

August 30, 2017
A meeting was held regarding Safety and Security on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 in the Hillsborough Park Parking Lot.  Silverhammer Surveillance was present to provide some information.  Topics on personal and neighborhood security. Channel 6 News was in attendance along with Aimee Melton and a great turnout of homeowners.   HOMEOWNERS.   


Omaha Police Towing Unlawfully Parked Vehicles in Preparation for Winter Snow Removal

In order to facilitate snow removal in the city, Omaha Police will be towing unlawfully parked vehicles in anticipation of the winter months.  The Omaha Police Department is conducting a city wide sweep of unlawfully parked vehicles for tow removal.  Each of the four police precincts, Northwest, Northeast, Southeast and Southwest are participating in conjunction with the Omaha Police Nuisance Unit.  Specifically, dead storage violation vehicles will be tagged for removal after 48 hours and unregistered vehicles will be towed immediately.  Attached are the ordinances and state statutes applicable.


All door-to-door salesmen must possess a permit. At any time you may request to see the permit issued by the City of Omaha. Per the city, door-to-door sales must end at 6:00 pm. If you feel a solicitor is not legit, you have the right to report your concern to OPPD.

Garage Door Alert

The Northwest Precinct has seen an increase in theft from sheds and garages. Many times the structures are left open with everything inside available to the thieves. Please be mindful of the possibility of thieves in  your area and keep you doors closed and locked to help prevent these thefts. Also, please contact 911 if you see people acting suspiciously in your neighborhood. Lets all work together to keep a safe neighborhood. Thanks!


Location:  Hillsborough Park parking lot located at 138 & Meredith Ave.

Guest speakers:  Marcia West, OPD Northwest Precinct Captain

Sgt. Nick Muller & Detective Chris Grothe, OPD Auto-Theft Unit

George Langabeer, Silverhammer Surveillance – Owner & Operator

Aimee Melton, Council Woman

Media Present:    Channel 3, 6, and 7 (featured on 10 o’clock news)

Members Present: 75 estimated

Hosted by:  Aaron Gurzick, HALO Board Member & Security Chair

OPD Captain West (speaker)

  • Crime Statistics in Hillsborough area (not all inside Hillsborough neighborhood).
  • Spoke about patrols and how Hillsborough was given special attention due to prowling lately and speeding reports.
  • Talked about “Standing Ground” laws and that it is against the law to shoot someone over a property crime, unless your life is in eminent danger.
  • Told people to lock their vehicles and close their garage doors!
  • Spoke about OPD Telephone Reporting System to use if a theft from motor vehicle is discovered and there is no evidence to collect (otherwise call 911 for an officer to come out and collect evidence and take a report)
  • Stated that Security Systems are great and they can really assist OPD in tying thefts, burglaries, and crimes together to specific criminals.
  • Mentioned that just recently OPD made several arrests in thefts from motor vehicles and burglaries in the NW area.

 Aaron Gurzick (speaker)

  • What direction Hillsborough is headed towards in the aspect of security:
  1. “Monitored by surveillance CCTV” signs at each entrance.
  2. Camera’s mounted to light posts near the signage at all entrances (eventually to be able to read license plates.
  3. Bright solar light poles for Hillsborough parking lot area to prevent gathering and concealment for prowlers during the night hours.
  4. Security patrol companies in the past were not worth the expense and did little to nothing to deter prowlers, due to the minimal time spent patrolling and the sheer size our neighborhood.
  5. Neighborhood Watch/ Citizen Patrol will be starting up and are looking for any volunteers to patrol on weekends (12am-3am).  Many volunteers signed up! We will be calling a meeting, in the near future, to put a schedule together and expectations (stressed that they will be only observers during these hours and will notify 911 to make contact with suspicious individuals to identify them)
  • What individuals can do (for Free) to help make their properties a harder target for thieves and burglars: 
  1. Do NOT keep valuables in plain sight in vehicles and LOCK your doors!  This tends to be the common denominator in all thefts from motor vehicles and can be remedied quite easily by individuals themselves.  The thieve aren’t breaking windows, but are checking for unlocked vehicles in the driveways.  If there are no valuables in plain sight and vehicles are locked, they move on.  Recommended to set an alarm as a reminder if needed, and to treat your driveway the same as you would park at a shopping mall or apartment complex. DO NOT MAKE YOURSELF AN EASY TARGET
  2. Keep your outside house lights on all through the night to help deter thieves from hiding in dark driveways and yards.
  3. Trim back low hanging trees and bushes to prevent hiding places for prowlers to peek into your homes.
  4. Post as many security signs and stickers in your yard and on front and back doors to residence to deter burglars (ADT, Brink, SEI, Silverhammer, etc.), and can be purchased on Amazon or your local hardware stores for cheap.  Post them even if you don’t have a security system!
  5. POLICE your own vicinity instead of HOA trying to police for 1167 homes.  This means getting to know your neighbors two houses in each direction.  Get a 24-hour cell phone number from each of those neighbors and their permission to call them ANYTIME should they leave their garage doors open or anything suspicious near their home.  Post this list on your refrigerators or plug them in your phones so they are handy.  Can also be used for your children to call neighbors in case of medical emergencies as well.  EVERYONE POLICE YOUR OWN VICINITY.
  • Vendors and what is available for technology to safeguard your property:
  1. Alibi CCTV system for web access cameras around perimeter of property with alarms to alert you when someone approaches your home.
  2. Ring Doorbell Pro and Ring Flood light camera with interactive speaker and audible alarm.
  3. Nest CCTV system
  4. MyQ bluetooth garage door system (allows you to be notified on your smartphone when its opened/closed and allows you to open/close door from your phone)
  • Board Members and general discussion:
  1. Re-iterated to members that if they have concerns regarding anything in the neighborhood that need to be addressed, to contact the board directly through, and not to use social media sites to get things answered.  These sites are great for communicating between yourselves regarding incidents etc. but the Board would like every concern to be handled professionally and monitored (logged), so we require you to give your real name, address, phone #, and concern.  This is then verified and then answered usually within 24 hrs.
  2. Thieves use Next Door App to monitor and pretend they are residents.  PLEASE BEWARE.

 George Langabeer (speaker)

  • Spoke about what technology and products are available and on the market, their capabilities, pricing, and what the benefits are.  Said if anyone wanted more info to call him.

Aimee Melton (speaker)

  • Kramer and I spoke with Aimee alone regarding the approval to get the Parking Lot LED lights installed.  She stated to write it up and email her what we will need and she will see that it gets done.