Neighborhood Watch


Come one, come all…..Safety and Security Meeting Wednesday, August 30, 2017 from 6:00 to 7:00 P.M. in Hillsborough Park Parking Lot.  Silverhammer Surveillance will be present to provide some information.  Topics on personal and neighborhood security.  Join us on August 30th!

For information in advance, watch Channel 6 News tonight (8/28/17) at 10:00 pm for an interview with George langabeer who will be making the presentation on Wednesday.


Omaha Police Towing Unlawfully Parked Vehicles in Preparation for Winter Snow Removal

In order to facilitate snow removal in the city, Omaha Police will be towing unlawfully parked vehicles in anticipation of the winter months.  The Omaha Police Department is conducting a city wide sweep of unlawfully parked vehicles for tow removal.  Each of the four police precincts, Northwest, Northeast, Southeast and Southwest are participating in conjunction with the Omaha Police Nuisance Unit.  Specifically, dead storage violation vehicles will be tagged for removal after 48 hours and unregistered vehicles will be towed immediately.  Attached are the ordinances and state statutes applicable.


All door-to-door salesmen must possess a permit. At any time you may request to see the permit issued by the City of Omaha. Per the city, door-to-door sales must end at 6:00 pm. If you feel a solicitor is not legit, you have the right to report your concern to OPPD.

Garage Door Alert

The Northwest Precinct has seen an increase in theft from sheds and garages. Many times the structures are left open with everything inside available to the thieves. Please be mindful of the possibility of thieves in  your area and keep you doors closed and locked to help prevent these thefts. Also, please contact 911 if you see people acting suspiciously in your neighborhood. Lets all work together to keep a safe neighborhood. Thanks!