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School Bond

You will have the opportunity to vote on the Phase 2 bond referendum for the Omaha Public Schools in May.  The population of students within the OPS boundary has grown steadily throughout the past seven years. At the current growth rate, the district must build new schools to adequately serve its students, specifically in the northwest and south Omaha. Five schools will be constructed with this bond including a new Far Northwest High School located at 156th and Ida Streets that will likely become the home school for Hillsborough residents. Additionally, several schools will be renovated across the district to maintain facilities and ensure student safety. The bond would relieve the need for portable classrooms and add approximately $105 per year in taxes for a $150,000 home.  Property values within the OPS district would be negatively impacted over time without the construction of these new schools.

A letter of intent was sent to the YMCA of Greater Omaha by the Board of Education to negotiate and enter into a written agreement to construct a shared facility, which would include a 6-lane pool at 156th and Ida Streets.  The agreement is contingent upon the passing of the Phase 2 bond issue.  The Phase 1 Bond program has been on-schedule and on-budget since it started in December 2014. More information can be found on Please contact if you would like to volunteer to campaign for the bond.