HOA Projects

APRIL 2021

Greeting Fellow Neighbors,

I hope this newsletter finds you and yours safely weathering the COVID-19 storm.
2020 was a busy year for the landscapes at all of our Hillsborough entrances.

All the lights have been upgraded to LEDs and the aging failing hardware was replaced with modern fixtures and some new transformers.

While each entrance retained its uniqueness, the new hardware is now the same at all the entrances. This will make any needed repair simpler because we will only have to purchase one brand of hardware instead of the previous mix and match.

The board recognized that our plants and shrubbery at our entrances were not aging well. Mulhalls was brought in to revitalize some of aging plants at the entrances and islands.

You may have noticed also that the Board finalized the upgrade to our Christmas lights at our entrances. There is now power on all monuments and first islands. Electrical standards and codes have changed and upgraded since the landscape lighting was installed 20 years ago. The board laid new, up to standard, conduit and electrical which allowed modern Christmas lighting in our entrances.

We have completed all boring at all entrances. In 2020, the entrances of Hillsborough had Christmas lighting on both sides of the entrances, on the monuments, and in the medians. It looked fantastic! I want to thank our friends and partners at Holidynamics for their assistance through this project.

2021 is shaping up to be a unique year. As always feel free to reach out to the board with any questions, comments or concerns at board@hillsboroughassociation.com.

Jon Kramer







All the landscaped entrances have now been cleaned up and replanted with some new fresh plants.  Spring is when we will see the fruits of our labors as the plants beging to grow and bloom.  We are very excited to see all the entrances cleaned up and the lighting will be completed with the next few weeks.

As the holidays approach we are look forward to having some new decorations and additional lighting.  Keep watching.

If you have questions, please reach out to the board at board@hillsboroughassociation.com.




Work has begun to update the landscaping at all our entrances.  Mulhalls has been cleaning up and cutting down the beds and will start removing and updating the plantings over the next few weeks.



All the entrance lighting has been serviced and we are continuing to work on lights at all entrances.  Our lighting company is working hand-in-hand with Mulhall's during the  landscaping changes and to ensure we have illumination at all entrances.

Keep watching and as always if you have questions, please contact the board at board@hillsboroughassociation.com.




The HOA Board is currently in the process of updating the entrances by refreshing and replacing the plantings.  Over the last 20 years they have become overgrown and in some cases blocking traffic views.

Your HOA Board has engaged Mulhalls to update the landscape beds and with are working with NightScapes to update the lighting in each bed.  NightScapes will be updating new control boxes and updating to LED lighting which will have a longer life-span.  They are also replacing broken and/or damaged wiring.  They will coordinate with Mulhalls and working one entrance at a time.

The entrance at 144 and Larimore and damaged wiring.  After consulting with OPPD and Night Scapes we have a broken connection between the pedestal and the meter.  This will require boring under the street from the entrance bed to the pedestal.  The Board with working with Victory Electric to make the repairs.  Once complete the lights as well as the sprinkler system will be operable again.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Board at board@hillsboroughassociation.com