Community Involvement

UPCOMING EVENT – Entrance planting:

Spring has sprung and the neighborhood is needing a little spring cleaning.  Please join us Saturday, May 19th and Sunday, May 20th to clean up the neighborhood streets, plant some colorful flowers at the entrances, pick up trash at the park, and walk the perimeter of the neighborhood to collect trash.

-We are in need of “Curb Captains” to help plant flowers and organize others to help plant at 7 separate entrances.  Sign ups will be at the General Member meeting on Monday, May 14th at Fullerton or email

-Plan on bringing: Shovels, Gloves, and a trash bag or two

-Flowers will be provided courtesy of Hillsborough Association of Land Owners and can be gathered at Paula Kennedy’s home Friday night prior or Saturday morning. (Email follow-up with her address will be distributed to all volunteers that sign up)

-Volunteers needed to walk the 13 acre park to collect trash.

-Trash bags will also be available for pick up at Paula’s home, if needed.


We look forward to having the most beautiful neighborhood in Omaha this year! Please consider volunteering an hour or two out of your weekend to help with this event and encourage your neighbors to help!!



Hillsborough is the largest neighborhood in the State of Nebraska.  We have 1158 homes, and we wish to make this a fun and safe environment for all who reside here.  In order to do that, we need our neighbors to become involved in the neighborhood.  This can be done by serving in many capacities.  You can choose to volunteer to help with events, become a board member, serve on a committee, and many other opportunities.

The Board is here to listen to your needs and help you to facilitate the things you’d like to see within our community.  We are a small group of 9 individuals that have the task of following the Bylaws established when this neighborhood was developed.

If you would like to contribute and enhance your neighborhood, please consider establishing a committee or serving on one that helps to support the things you would like to see within Hillsborough.  It can’t happen without your support and involvement.

Please contact the Board at